Time to Talk about Hair

In my recent face/skin post I mentioned the waste land of skin products under the sink.  They were but a drop in the bucket compared to the number of shampoos and conditioners I have tried over the years!

I have curly hair and I live in the South.  So, instead of curls, I actually have FRIZZ.  I envy the people who are able to brush their hair leaving it smooth and shiny.  I can’t even imagine being able to do that!   I tried EVERY product from the cheapest store brand the most expensive “salon” brand and while some were better than others, nothing ever made my hair sing.

A big step in the right direction was reading the book “Curly Girl”.  I learned a lot about my hair with this book.  I learned that curly hair is often dry hair and that moisturized curls are less frizzy.  She also talks about not using shampoo and washing with conditioner.   Again, shampoo tends to dry.

As, with my skin, my hair product choices were effected by my desire for less chemicals and more natural products.  But natural shampoos did not work for my hair AT ALL!

What all of this means is that for over 2 decades I wore my hair in a bun!  Seriously.  Most people had no idea what my hair looked like under there.  But I’d still try to find the answer for my hair.

About a year ago, I discover Morrocco Method.  I’m not even sure where I first read about it but when I read at the site and saw the ingredients, I was impressed.  But I had been down this road many times before!  Still, I’m a sucker for new hair care products.  So, I placed an order.

After ONE wash, my hair was changed.   I couldn’t believe the difference.  Here are my “before” and “after” pictures, the difference is crazy!!  I cringe at the before picture but it really tells the story!

Before – May 2010 and After – July 2011

Not only is that 2010 hair scary but my skin!  That’s long before Living Libations read more about that here.

Short hair Feb 2012

Now, you may know that in January of 2012, I cut it all off!!!  I’d always had long hair, worn in a bun and I just wanted to shake it up for 2012.   I’m glad I cut it but I think I’ll be growing it back out before long.   I still use Morocco Method and am super grateful that they have a natural gel!!  I couldn’t find one of those anywhere.  Even the ones at the health food store had ingredients I didn’t like.  My short hair would do a poofy, frizzy, helmet thing that was quite frightening! With the gel, it’s MUCH better!!

Short or long, I’m so happy to have found these products!  I highly recommend them!!   I will warn you, though, they don’t lather.  I think that might freak people out a bit but often it’s the “lathering” ingredients that are questionable (sodium lauryl sulfate, for one).   But as soon as you see your hair, you won’t miss the lathering at all!!

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1 Response to Time to Talk about Hair

  1. Sounds wonderful, Anna! I love the before and after pics. Nothing says it like that! I just did the little questionnaire and they came up with a sampler kit that looks great.

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