Here I am 🙂   My name is Anna.  I turned 43 this year (2012).  I’m married to the love of my life, David. We’ve been together since 1987.   We have two amazing daughters (pictured below).   We live in Charlotte, NC.   I’ve been exploring natural alternatives since the mid-nineties.  I wanted to address my asthma and was becoming increasingly concerned with all of the chemicals in our environment.  All of that lead me to having two natural births, the second one at home.  Having children pushed me even further to examine our food and rid our home and life of as many toxins as possible!   Our girls have never had vaccines and no antibiotics for my youngest and none for my oldest once we got her out of the hospital!  They haven’t needed them, not once in 12 and 14 years!  A combination of a healthy diet and healthy living has really made a difference in their lives.   It’s made a difference for me and my husband too.

David is 41 and in the best shape of his life.  Less than 2 years ago he decided to start cycling to cross train for some motorcycle racing he was enjoying.  Cycling won him over and he’s since ridden over 2,000 miles!  He is on a race team and feels incredible.  His journey with cycling plunged us into the world of sport nutrition and how to perform and recover while avoiding the artificial, non-nutritive products pushed on athletes.   David is going to be a regular contributor to talk about what we’ve learned and share his favorite tips, recipes and products for getting the most out of your body at any age.  He’s an inspiration.

A few years ago I became a Master Composter with my county.  It was a continuation of a passion I have for soil and gardening.  I tend to be a bit evangelical about Bokashi composting, which is why it is my first post for this site!    I love to cook for my family and look forward to sharing that part of my life too.  I am particularly passionate about animals.  We share our lives with cats, bunnies and chickens and I’m a Wild Life Rehabilitator.   I am a healer of the furred and feathered as well as human friends and family too.   I trust in the body’s ability to heal itself when given adequate nutrients and support.   I hope to continue to empower people with tools to take control of their own health story.   I love to write, to create art, to play music.  I’m a student of life and love to learn and take it all in.

We are a family of unschoolers, who live and explore our world together everyday.  I’m am grateful for every minute of our time together!!

Thanks for checking us out and welcome!



Our Amazing Girls!

David at a recent race.


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