Love Your Skin

I love my skin!!!  This is something I’d never thought I would say again.  So, to be saying it now, at 43, is pretty cool!   I actually had pretty good skin as a teen, some bumps here or there but nothing crazy.  I stopped wearing make-up in the 9th grade (I started in the 8th 🙂 ) but decided, I just wanted to be me.  And, looking back, I could get away with it, I had good skin.  At the time, as teenagers tend to do, I found flaws but it was nothing  compared to what would hit me in my early 20s and last for almost 2 decades!

My skin became SUPER sensitive.  I still wasn’t wearing make-up and still don’t today,  but I developed rosacea.  My cheeks were constantly red, splotchy and would burn.  Not to mention I developed a strange rash on the side of my face.  Several dermatologists were  stumped.  They pulled out all of their normal (read toxic) tools to no avail.  So, I just decided that I needed to live with it and move on.   That wasn’t without some sadness and even some frustration at times but I did.

Then in the mid 90s, I started turning to more natural products.  I didn’t hold out much hope to help my skin but felt better about less chemicals.  It takes only a short glance at traditional “beauty products” to see the toxic potpourri that people are slathering on one of their largest organs.  Those chemicals are then being absorbed into the body causing all kinds of acute and chronic problems.

My skin stayed super sensitive but at least I wasn’t poisoning my body.  Then I overhauled my diet.  As I read about whole food and raw diets, skin would come up a lot.  I didn’t even hope, I just made food choices that felt good and figured it wouldn’t hurt.  I do think it helped a bit but I would find my cheeks burning, even with the natural products I would use.   I had a waste land of ‘the next best thing’ under the sink.

I found Sea Chi Organics in the mid-2000s and was so happy.  I love the company, I love the energy of the owner and the products are wonderful with pristine ingredients.  I started using Sea Chi Cream and it was definitely the best my face had looked in years.  It just felt good!  I also love her body wash, it’s one of the few things that doesn’t leave my skin itching after a shower!

I continued to use Sea Chi for years and we still make sure to always have some in the house. It’s David’s lotion of choice when his skin is dry and I love it as a hand and body lotion.   But 2 years ago I found what, for me, was the answer for my face.

Guess what it’s called – “Best Skin Ever” and I’m telling you, it delivers!!!!  Nadine Artemis is the gifted creator of this oil.  I think she is AMAZING, magical even!!  Her company is called Living Libations and I can just hang out and read and watch her videos all day!

She explained how all we need is oil, oil to clean, oil to moisturize.  It was so simple and honestly seemed way too good to be true.  But the ingredients were so great, I had to try it!  Every ingredient was intentional, organic, wildcrafted, pure, amazing!  Nothing extra, nothing artificial, everything to nourish the skin and body. Because, again, everything you put on your skin is being absorbed into your body.

When it arrived I put it on and waited to see what my cheeks had to say. No burning, that was a good sign.  That night I washed with the oil and put a few drops on my face and neck. (Never forget your neck, whatever you do to your face, do to your neck. If not, it will age before its time!)  The next morning I woke up and my skin was amazing!  Not dry, not red but nourished, smooth, beautiful.  My rash looked less angry.  I was cautiously optimistic.

After a week, I knew I would never use anything else again.  I could not believe the difference, the EASE, the feel of it.  AMAZING!

I love having one product and that’s it.  I love how it feels on my skin.  I love that the ingredients are the most pristine and nourishing.  I love that it’s created by such an amazing woman.

I’m all about ease and simplicity and it doesn’t get easier than one product that does it all.   I like the “Lavish Abundance” version.  At first the smell was strange to me and now I crave it!

I’m so grateful to have found something, after all of these years,  that I can feel good about putting on my face and something my face loves as well!

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