About this site

I’m SO excited to final get this site off the ground.  My BFF Pat (Heal Thyself) and I have been exploring natural living for decades now.  (Can we really be that old!?)   We are asked by people all the time about what are our favorite things to make living naturally easier.   Pat is busy at Heal Thyself, so I’m starting this site to sharing the things I love!   To share the things that make it EASY.   I’m all about easy!   I also like quality, affordability and utility.

I have a list a mile long of things I want to share!  It will take a while to do that and will be an on-going journey as I come across new things that I love.   Some categories I will touch on will include: natural body care, household items, healthy kitchen, healthy pantry, gardening/outdoor, pet care,  kids items/toys, recipes, books, other animal care (chickens), etc.

I will share recipes to make things yourself as that is usually the best way to save money and to know exactly what you are using!  I’ll share favorite blogs and sites to help you find more information.  I hope that eventually this can be a place to quickly and easily find resources for quality products that improve your life and enhance your health and honor our planet.

You will find that some links are affiliate links.  I will ONLY share products that I truly *love* and actually use.  It’s not about the affiliate links for me but if businesses I have used and trusted for years have affiliate opportunities, I’m going to look into it.

I’m a SAHM and a bit of income to offset expenses would be a fun bonus for taking the time to document everything here.   But again, please know that I am only sharing things I love, have researched and that are from sources I trust.

So, welcome!  I hope you can find some cool tools to make your journey to natural living easy and enjoyable!


PS And in case you were wondering, that is our amazing cat Bow thinking she’s stealth in the shamrocks 🙂

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2 Responses to About this site

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great blog post, and idea! I have a question, I am gluten-free… any ideas how I could make this with a substitution without using the wheat bran? Thanks for any insight!

    • Anna's Kefir Grains says:

      You can use rice bran. Be sure to make your own or buy one that says rice, most pre-made bokashi that you buy will be wheat bran. HTH ~Anna
      (I’ll add a note to the post)

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