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I love ferments!  Our gut has anywhere from 600-1000 different microbials working to keep us healthy.   We tend to do a lot of things that negatively impact these microbials – diet is one and antibiotics is another.   I … Continue reading

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Time to Talk about Hair

In my recent face/skin post I mentioned the waste land of skin products under the sink.  They were but a drop in the bucket compared to the number of shampoos and conditioners I have tried over the years! I have curly hair … Continue reading

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Kale Chips

I’ve been eating with an emphasis on raw food for about 4 years now.  I feel best with about 75-80% of what I eat being raw.  I’m not always there but it’s what works best for my body.   BUT … Continue reading

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Love Your Skin

I love my skin!!!  This is something I’d never thought I would say again.  So, to be saying it now, at 43, is pretty cool!   I actually had pretty good skin as a teen, some bumps here or there … Continue reading

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Healing Plants in Your Backyard

As much as I enjoy eating from the yard, it’s even more exciting to find things that heal, no drug store required! One of my favorites has to be Plantain.  Anyone can find Plantain.  It grows in often inhospitable environments, … Continue reading

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Eating Weeds – My Favorite Time of Year!

Spring is in full swing in Charlotte.  Everything is blooming and the trees are leafing but the most exciting part is that the wild edibles are everywhere!   The idea of eating weeds is a fairly new concept to me. … Continue reading

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Bokashi Composting

It was not hard to decide what my first entry would be about.  You see, I’m a bit evangelical about composting in general but especially Bokashi composting!   I recently wrote an article called, “Putting Your Waste to Work”, about … Continue reading

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